New Studio Space at the Helikon Gallery !


This past spring, I graciously acquired a lovely studio space at the Helikon Gallery and Studio’s. I occupy studio space # 201 !


Also, I had my first shown there in a long time. I was part of the MYSTICO show in April. The pieces I had in the show are shown below. All but “Dark Ascension”, sold.


You’ll find my studio currently at The Helikon Gallery and Studios!

Come by on First Fridays to visit my studio and see many of the other working artists there!


Helikon Gallery and Studios

3675 Wynkoop St, Denver, CO 80216
RiNo Art District


My Year of 2018

I had quite a holiday and birthday week to start out the new year of 2019. One I haven't had in a long time. Thank you everyone, it truly means a lot to know I am valued. 2018 was a packed year of events, great growth, new friendships, stress, and adventures.

-Moved to Seattle, Washington. A goal Brent and I have had for three years or more.

-Participated in an online class with the Visual ArtsPassage for most of the year. Primarily mentored by Edward Kinsella. It has since changed my artistic life and ever evolving perspective on art. A change I was craving. And now I've laid down my tablet and picked up the paint brushes & everything else in between. 

-Got a job at Wizards of the Coast, working on the new Magic: The Gathering Arena - online card game. A company I had wanted to be a part of for most of my life. 

-Attended more conventions this year selling my artwork. Met wonderful people artists and fans alike. 
-Attended: Emerald City Comic Con (as a helper),Norwescon, Wizards World - Portland, Denver Pop Culture ConRose City Comic Con, and the localBlack Owl Market in Seattle. 

Attended two amazing workshops:
-In the summer I went to, The Illustration AcademyWorkshop for week one out of five. Met great artists, inspiring teachers, and learned a lot even in one week. It changed much of my artistic perspective and growth.
-Second, The Fantastic Workshop this past November. By One Fantastic Week. A lovely community of artists who strive to be independent with their artwork and help each other to do the same. I met some great friends, bonded with many there, heard wonderful stories, learned a lot about me oddly enough, and I think everyone cried at least once, in a good way. It was in various ways a lot like therapy ❤ . 

Other great things to mention: 
-Participated in an epic music video with talented people for, UADA
-Watched my Brenty peruse his dream to tour and go to Europe!
-Through out the year I met many great people, made new friends. And built stronger bonds with those I've known mainly out in the pacific north west.
-Explored the beauty of Washington state and all it's glorious green forests.That will always have my heart.
-And now we've come full circle, having moved back to Denver, Colorado this past November.

Looking forward to the new year. And how this one pans out. It feels like it’s going to be different than many of the previous years. The past months I have been sulking lol. BUT also! Building out my art and adventure plans.