dark | occult | feminine

My work often reflects upon poetic language and symbolism, such as “beautiful sadness.” I also tap into astrology, the occult, and ancient practices from different cultures around the world. My subjects are most often women, frequently appearing magical, nude, or ethereal. I sometimes anthropomorphize my characters, and occasionally draw male characters. I also have a deep affinity for nature and all that grows green– I like to incorporate nature and our oneness with the earth into my work.

More recently my practice has incorporated more mixed media, these days gravitating towards oils, acrylics, and gouache, but any medium is fair game. Experimenting and sketching is a regular and enjoyable part of my art practice. 

In the past year, my art practice has been evolving from a focus on digital, high-fantasy art into a new direction. My digital work, while fantasy-based, also incorporated subtle hints of other themes that deeply interest me. Now my work is heading into a more raw, honest, exploitative direction through the kind mentor-ship of numerous artists (including Edward Kinsella, John English, George Pratt, and Sterling Hundley) as well as through my own inner voice. 



Where did you get your art education?

Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design  BA in Illustration - Graduate 2013

Art Camp with Titus Lunter, Month long online program 2016

Visual Arts Passage Year long program, primarily mentored by Edward Kinsella, Jan - December 2018

The Illustration Academy - Workshop in KC, 2018

Currently - always learning

Where are you from!?
Born and raised in Loveland, Colorado. Moved to the Denver metro area for college, and to be with my boyfriend at the time, now husband.

Seattle, WA?
I lived in Seattle for about a year in 2018, the most intense year . See my blog post about it! LINK

Where have you traveled in the past five years?

I’ve traveled to Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angels, New Orleans, Portland, all through the mid west road tripping with a band, and all over Colorado but still so much more to see.


After graduation, I interned at Direwolf Digital in Denver, Colorado. Creating digital illustrations for online card games. Additionally, I collaborated with a fine art company, Lynnel Art to Form with the owner Lynn. Together we created unique abstract, fine art for high-in and residential architectural spaces. 
In 2014 I found my self in an unexpected place, a Game Development studio, Fuhu Inc. aka Nabi Tablet. The creators of the kids educational game safe tablet. At Fuhu I progressed from basic Unity art assets implementation, to creating the art assets, designing concept art, over all visual and game development. In fall 2015 , I had to say farewell to the Fuhu. And started working at Dire Wolf Digital August 2016 to December 2017 creating UI and concept art, primarily for their main IP, Eternal. As of March 2018 I started working for Wizards of the Coast as a UI artist on their Magic the Gathering Arena team. Currently I still work for them remotely.

What happen to the digital artwork!?

In 2017, in addition to working the full time day job, I worked tirelessly to get my digital illustrations to the level I wanted them at. The day jobs I have worked have all required digital skills from me. I wasn’t enjoying much of my personal work by the fall. I knew something wasn’t right. By the end of 2017, I wasn’t enjoying digital media too much. I just wanted to do a portrait oil paintings. It was there among other instances, I learned this is something I needed to be doing more of. Something needed to change. I was already sketching during most of my lunch breaks at work. Which brought me great joy. I started looking into online programs and mentor ships. I felt my process, approach was part of my struggle.

I finally enrolled with the Visual Arts Passage online mentor ship program. I went through the program for a full year in 2018, and went to their in person Summer Workshop in KC. Over time my eyes were opened. I saw that my deepest hearts desires could be real. Through the program I realized it wasn’t just process, but medium, voice, answering the question “why am I making this art”. They helped me find a direction to for MY style, instead of striving for an already popularized style. Which for me, fit my personality and what made me happy to create. I had and have never felt more excited to make art in a long time!

I’ll never say never to digital. I still use it for planning traditional pieces and creating products. However right now, I would rather make a mess with paint and all that is traditional.

I can’t attribute all this to the Visual Arts Passage though. It was also podcasts, like the great folks of 1 Fantastic Week with Peter Mohrbacher and Sam Flegal. They have influenced me to “live my truth” over the years. Along with Bobby Chiu’s stream, motivating me to hussttle and to work hard! With out them I can’t say that my really low moments wouldn’t of taken over.

Thank you everyone!

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